Access control is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. It is about controlling and regulating who has access to, around and within buildings.

Virtek can provide you with an extensive range of access control systems and accessories from single stand alone keypads to multi-door network systems with door monitoring. We can tailor an access system to suit any type of building. The degree of complexity depends upon and can vary in accordance with your requirements.

From homes to business, commercial properties to car parks. If you have an entry or exit point we can design a system to make it more secure. And for better peace of mind your access control system can be incorporated into your over all security system.

Access Control for standalone doors in the home and business

The standalone range of access control solutions provides digital keypad and proximity readers for standalone doors where access and egress are the only requirements. These products offer a variety of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly.

Access Control for small to medium sized commercial properties

For small to medium sized commercial properties that have a low to medium security level requirement, we recommend the smart range of access control equipment. Its popularity is driven by its power, low cost and flexibility as well as its proven quality and reliability.

These products can be used as either a standalone system for a single door or as a networked system. The networked system comprises of one to sixteen access points that are individually controlled and are connected to a central host or server.

We can also supply a scalable card access control system, designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise. The system is highly flexible and feature rich.

What are Door Entry Products?

These products are designed to manage access to your building. Depending on the solution installed you will be able to either speak to or speak to and see any caller to your door. In addition to door entry a number of the products integrate access control to enable you to issue authorised people with cards or pins for independent access.

Both the audio and audio video products are suited to commercial properties. Designed specifically for SME’s the audio video products provide a high quality, cost efficient solution for managing access to the building via the comfort of your office PC.

Access Control for Improved Work Force Management

Track your employee’s time & attendance accurately and easily, with built in payroll and HR functions.

ACTontime will start saving you money from day 1. Easy to use, accurate recording of your employee time and attendance & human resources information. Our SaaS suite ensures you’ll maximise your return on your payroll payments every month. ACTontime captures real-time data about your workforce, accessible from anywhere. Accurate, Automated and User friendly, ACTontime allows you to focus on productivity and make informed workforce decisions using your time & attendance data.


All of our advanced systems have options to be connected to the internet. This enables us to remotely monitor and diagnose any given symptom, issue or problem. Our R.A.M.S server was designed in-house to specifically monitor and notify us of any problems. Designed with security managers in mind, it will give you an instant overview of the status of your devices on any mobile device with an internet connection.