Access control systems are at the forefront of keeping buildings, property, emloyees and belongings safe and secure day to day. It is important, both at home and in your business, to be able to control and regulate who has access to, around and within your buildings and property. Access control systems can be used in a wide array of situations, from offices, museums, car parks and arenas, to changing rooms, server rooms and home garages.

Virtek can provide an extensive range of access control systems and accessories, from the worlds leading access control suppliers, such as ACT. We can design a solution to meet virtually any requirement, ranging from single stand-alone keypads to more complex multi-door network systems with door monitoring.

Access control systems can also be incorporated into a complete security system, for added peace of mind and protection. If you have an entry or exit point that you feel is vulnerable, speak to us today to see what options are available for you.


Access control systems are designed to manage access to your home and business. Virtek offers a wide range of intelligent access control solutions for both the home and business environment, protecting what matters most to you. We recommend the smart range of access control equipment for your security requirements. Driven by its quality and reliability, an access control system by Virtek is flexible and cost effective and can be designed to accommodate your specific needs. Whether it be a single entry/exit point, or a complex multi-door system, talk to us today and see what options are available to you.


For an extra layer of security, biometric access control technology such as fingerprint readers, can be integrated into an access solution. This technology, unlike key cards or key fobs, and even simple pin inputs, ensures a non-transferable form of access control. Talk to us today about our biometric solutions.