Social distancing technology to help fight the spread of COVID-19

Automatic live people counting occupancy, montoring limits and footfall analytics solution.  In these challenging times we want to help you work samrter not harder.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW SOCIAL DISTANCING NORMAL?  Protect your staff and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic and comply with social distancing guidelines. Track occupancy limits by anonymously counting people as the enter and exit your premises.  Employees assigned to controlling entry can be redeployed to value generating work.

Social Distancing Technology

System Features

  • Set Capacity Limits.
  • Count Real Time Live Occupancy.
  • Enter / Wait Screen At Entrance.
  • Alert Staff If Capacity Limit Is Exceeded.
  • Advanced Overhead 3D Stereo Video People Counting
  • Quick Installation & Delivery.
  • For Use In Stores, Offices, Canteens,
    Shopping Centres, etc.
  • Tailor Made Solutions To Suit Your
    Business Needs.
  • Social Distancing Live Occupancy.