FOOTFALL - The Benefits

Footfall, or Customer Counting is now a vital tool for retailers wanting to improve sales efficiency and profitability. Virtek footfall solutions are suitable for all retail environments and whether you operate a corner shop, department store or retail chain we can supply a total package to respond to every requirement.

Our footfall range includes a variety of systems, from simple battery counters to our advanced Brickstream overhead counter, that can collect vital information which will support your important operational and strategic decisions. Such information, will assist you to :

  • Improve market efficiency.
  • Collect and report on the number of customers.
  • Identify peak performance times and sales patterns.
  • Utilise Staff numbers and plan staff rotas.
  • Increased Customer service.
  • Determine retail statistics such as average spend, conversion ratios etc.
  • Maximise Marketing Promotions.

If You Have A Flow Of People

We Can Design A System Tailored To Your Needs

High Volume Counting Using Our Overhead Footfall Device

  • Up to 98% Accuracy.
  • Capacity Monitoring.
  • Multiple Reporting Options.
  • POS Integration & Automatic Sales Conversion.
  • Increased Customer service.


All of our advanced systems have options to be connected to the internet. This enables us to remotely monitor and diagnose any given symptom, issue or problem. Our R.A.M.S server was designed in-house to specifically monitor and notify us of any problems. Designed with security managers in mind, it will give you an instant overview of the status of your devices on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Wembley Stadium Using Brickstream Footfall Devices