CCTV- Closed Circuit Television Systems are one of the most popular and effective ways of securing your business and home. Virtek can offer you a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems and accessories from single camera systems to complex digital systems. We can provide surveillance solutions and bespoke design installations for private and commercial use. From small retail outlets, to shopping centres, office units, car parks, forecourts and farms. We can design and install a CCTV system to specifically meet your needs.

Internet protocol camera - IP camera

An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of advanced digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance today.

An IP Camera system is more advanced than an analogue system and it delivers enhanced image quality. The advantage of this system allows the user to have better focus on smaller details for example, better facial recognition, car registration plates, written words or money exchange.

Digital Video Recorder - DVR

Virtek can provide you with a range of Reliable, Dependable DVRs to best suit your needs.

Our high specification, professional DVRs record the footage that is picked up by the CCTV cameras. That video footage is stored on the DVR in a digital format. This allows the footage to be replayed or copied at a later time if needed.

Our systems also have the facility to view your premises in real time over the internet. This allows you continued monitoring through your PC, lap top, tablet or smart phone.

Till Scan - Prevent Till Fraud

The most expensive type of fraud is reported to be the misappropriation of cash. What can till scan do for you?

With till scan, every item that appears on a till receipt is recorded on top of the CCTV image for that till. This enables you to monitor under scanning, buddy buying, voids etc.

Depending on the system, alerts may be set up and notifications are sent to a designated email address, eg when a void, no sale or other alert text is entered.

Telling staff, or indeed showing them, that every transaction on the till is being recorded to the CCTV can greatly reduce instances of til fraud.

Monitored Systems

For extra peace of mind and protection Virtek can monitor your assets on an active system, round the clock or whenever you require.

Bells and sirens are no longer a deterrent to most burglars, or vandals. However, different to a standard system that records crime in progress, a monitored system is watched 24 / 7 by our professional monitoring service of highly trained operators, to prevent the crime from occurring in the first instance. Our operators can respond to virtually any situation that may arise and notify authorities about any number of household and business emergencies.


All of our advanced systems have options to be connected to the internet. This enables us to remotely monitor and diagnose any given symptom, issue or problem. Our R.A.M.S server was designed in-house to specifically monitor and notify us of any problems. Designed with security managers in mind, it will give you an instant overview of the status of your devices on any mobile device with an internet connection.